Hani And The Eaters is Blayne Duffy and Hani Abbasi, two British multi-instrumentalists and producers who met in Suzhou, China, where they were involved in the underground music scene.


The band centers around Hani’s songwriting and playing which spans influences from every corner of rock/pop/electronic including Bowie, 90s legends Supergrass and Underworld, Nile Rodgers, Joe Meek’s late 50s productions, and J Dilla.


As a live act, Hani And The Eaters has several incarnations including intimate rock/electronic performances by Hani and Duff, to a high-energy six-piece line up.


Their first album The Polar Route, written and recorded in Suzhou, was released in 2018 to extremely positive reviews: A&R Factory described the lead single as “futuristic Britpop”, and MusicNews.com stated that “for a debut album it is quite remarkable”.


A Deer Hunter-inspired video for ‘Strange Snake’ was shot on location in Suzhou, directed by Jim Peakman of Bader Media Productions, for which Hani and Duff are also the resident film composers. Watch the video here.


The band’s forthcoming UK-centric second album When In London is due for release in late 2020.